What Breadcrumbs are important for your SEO Strategies?

So many people may not introduce this odd term “Breadcrumbs" but I want to tell you that it is an important part of almost every good website. First of all, let's see what breadcrumbs are. It refers to a small text path, obviously located at the highest position of a page indicating where the user is on the site. Do you know that it appears in SERP if you want to take the benefits of these amazing features for your website? Using the Yoast SEO or add the correct form of structured data to your site enable you to see breadcrumbs in the search result. In simple words, it helps users understand an overview of where the page site on your site. You probably surprised to know the benefits that each step of that path is clickable.

Example: https://inseoexpert.com/

Different types of breadcrumbs

There are many types of breadcrumbs that exist, but the three most common ones are:

Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs: There are various options we have to use for our website. It displays how many steps there are to get back to the homepage. For example Home> Blog> Category> Post Name

Attribute-based Breadcrumbs: It is common in all. For instance, when a user searches an e-commerce website on Google, he gets the breadcrumb trail that is made up of product attributes. Let's understand by one example Home> Product category> Gender> Size> Color.

History-based breadcrumbs: It refers to order according to what you have been doing on the site. For example, Home> Previous page> Previous page> Current page.

If you bring this amazing tactic for your SEO strategy, there are various benefits we can count on using breadcrumbs

1. Google loves them: It is a favourite of visitors as well as Google does too. Although, it helps Google understands your website structured. If you want to apply it to your website, you need to add structure data as Yoast SEO does.
2. It improves the user experience
3. It reduces the bounce rate for your website.

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